Small Business Advertising Tips

If you have a small business, then you understand that every marketing effort you undertake must work on several different levels. You don’t have the staff or the budget to undertake a slew of different marketing tactics. For example, if you pay a graphic artist to create an ad, it should work for the local newspaper or the high school yearbook. You want to get the most value out of each marketing investment you make.

Get The Most Marketing Value From A PowerPoint

If you have created a PowerPoint for your business, don’t confine your presentation to your laptop computer. You should also upload it to a service like SlideShare. How does that help?
If you tag it with the correct wording such as “Small business consultants in ‘your city'”, you have an excellent chance to become a high return for a search for small business consultants in (you guessed it) your city. Of course, you will need to change the tag information to make it appropriate for your business. For example, new home construction in Smallville.

Put Your Small Business At The Top

Thanks to Google’s emphasis on Local Search, you have an excellent chance to get a high ranking with a PowerPoint presentation. Take advantage of it.

Increase Traffic To Your Business Site Or Blog

One of the many things I do to extinguish any hope of having available free time is to write articles for various Websites. As most of us have heard many times, basic keyword selection and weighting are vital for being discovered on the Web. I have found, however, that keywords are not the most powerful tool in gaining traffic to a Website.

First in line (it may seem obvious) is to choose a subject that a great many people are interested in learning more about. Being first on Google on a banal topic is of little importance since the traffic to your website or blog will be negligible.

Second in importance is the title you choose for your site. If your title selection matches a key search phrase or reflects the words that an average person would use to conduct basic research on a topic, you will do well.

Keywords, of course, are strong supporters, but they are number three in importance ( in my humble opinion).

If you want to create a basic website that will be a winner, be sure your title(s) on your Website is a natural search term.

See Photos Online – A New Small Business

I’m sure most people have heard about how IStockphoto revolutionized the stock photography market almost a decade ago. I’ve profiled David Lewis, an amateur IStock photographer on this blog before. In addition to his day job, David submits photos to IStock. He typically makes about $50,000 a year in additional revenue from his photos – not a bad deal. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing short tutorials on various topics and now I have a new book on selling photos. I think it provides some valuable tips if you have an interest in selling photos online.